Darjeeling Tea


About this tea:
Darjeeling tea is treasured by tea connoisseurs for its rich golden brew and distinctive wine flavor. Naturally sweet, our Darjeeling tea is a second-flush (summer harvest) tea and features a plush, smooth mouthfeel with balanced astringency
Indian Darjeeling black tea



Darjeeling tea comes from a district in northern India’s state of West Bengal, located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. With an average elevation of over 6700 feet, a temperate climate, bright sunshine and high annual rainfall, the Darjeeling area is an ideal location for growing tea – and the history of tea here spans as far back as the 1850’s. Darjeeling is particularly famous for producing teas with a distinctive muscatel (“grape-y”) flavor – and many refer to Darjeelings as “The Champagne of Tea.” The new shoots of the first flush are picked in March and April. While these new shoots are considered by some to be the finest of the annual harvest, the second flush (picked in May and June) has the full profile of the first flush but is more developed and is, in our opinion, an exceptional tea. This FTGFOP second-flush tea comes from the Glenburn estate, one of Darjeeling’s finest.

Steeping Instructions: Pour 6 oz. heated water (208-212˚F) over 1 teaspoon tea leaves and steep 3-5 minutes. Remove leaves and enjoy. Re-steep as desired.

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