About Us

About Tea Zaanti

Tea Zaanti was born of two things – a passion for outstanding tea and a burning desire to help others. We’re a small company with a big dream – promoting peace one cup at a time. The word “Zaanti” means peace/calmness of the mind, and that’s our goal in both life and business. We believe true peace comes when people are given opportunities to improve their lives through better health and education. By sharing our love of quality, premium teas we are able to contribute to select featured charities who share our beliefs.

There are many choices out there for tea. Tea Zaanti offers some of the finest teas, and several of our offerings are award-winning. We believe in the purity of the leaf, so we strive to provide certified organic teas as much as possible. With that said, there have been instances when we have selected a quality tea from a smaller family-run tea farm that operates sustainably and organically but which cannot afford the expense of certification. Also, admittedly, there are instances when the same non-organic tea is simply better. In the end, it all boils down to the experience on every level (forgive the pun).

No matter which tea you may choose, we encourage you to slow down and take time to really enjoy it – watch the leaves unfurl and dance, inhale the aroma, and savor the taste (oh, and disregard what mom always told you – tea tastes better when you slurp it!). After all, that’s what tea is about – reconnecting…with others and ourselves. We promise that each sip will bring a little more peace to your life.

We realize you have a choice when it comes to purchasing tea and frequenting local establishments, we hope you will give us a try. Once you do, we’re confident you’ll keep coming back, not only for our outstanding teas, but also to join us in our endeavor – promoting peace one cup at a time.


Scott and Becky Lyttle, owners