White Ambrosia Tea

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About this tea:
A drink fit for the gods, our White Ambrosia Tea is as delicious as it is beautiful. A clear apricot color, with a natural lightly floral fragrance enhanced by delicate layers of apple, cinnamon, orange, and a light dusting of almond. Contains nuts
Chinese white tea, orange peel, almonds, rose petals, cinnamon chips, apple pieces, cinnamon orange spice flavor
White Ambrosia white tea

This is surely what the ancients had in mind when they coined the word "ambrosia." The base for this popular blend is Bai Mu Dan white tea - a delectable tea grown in the misty mountains of China’s Fujian province (see our Bai Mu Dan page for more info). As a compliment, we added mouth-watering apple, cinnamon, and orange - as well as a hint of almond for a slight nuttiness.

NOTE: This tea contains nuts (almonds).

Steeping Instructions: Pour 6 oz. heated water (180-190˚F) over 1 heaping tablespoon tea leaves and steep 3-4 minutes. Remove leaves and enjoy. Re-steep as desired.