Masala Chai

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black tea: ginger root; cinnamon; green cardamom; cinnamon, vanilla, flavor
Masala Chai black tea and spice blend

Black tea is ubiquitous in India - so much so that young boys (chai wallahs) sell the favored brew on street corners, mixing the tea with milk and sugar. Spiced tea, or chai - a blend of black tea, spices and sugar - is extremely popular there and has also become a favorite of many in American culture. We think you'll find our proprietary blend seductive and cozy, with a smooth flavor and rich aroma. It’s like dessert in a cup.

Steeping Instructions: Pour 6 oz. heated water (208-212˚F) over 1 teaspoon chai and steep 3-5 minutes (or to desired strength). Remove tea/spices; add milk and sugar to taste. Enjoy. (Note: Consider using condensed milk as a rich, creamy sweetener.)