Gin Shan Crème

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Taiwanese oolong tea, milk essence
Gin Shan Creme milk oolong tea

Jinxuan oolong tea was discovered in 1981 by the Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) in Taiwan during its development of new tea cultivars. This oolong is lightly oxidized and is also known as Golden Lily Oolong. It brews up a beautiful yellow-gold, starts with a light floral aroma and finishes with a smooth and sweet, creamy flavor, with a very pleasant mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. The tea master adds a light blend of milk essence during its processing to enhance the naturally creamy flavor.

April 2016 harvest.

Steeping Instructions: Pour 8 oz. heated water (185-195˚F) over 1 heaping teaspoon tea and steep 2-4 minutes. Remove leaves and enjoy. Re-steep as desired.