Big Red Robe

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Chinese Wuyi oolong tea
Big Red Robe oolong tea

From the renowned Wuyi Mountains in Fujian province, China, this Da Hong Pao is a wonderful full-bodied oolong with notes molasses and minerals. One of several legends surrounding this tea has it that a Chinese emperor's mother was suffering from a severe ailment, but was cured by drinking a particular tea from the Wuyi Mountains. Thankful for saving his mother's life, the emperor sent luxurious red robes to shroud the bushes that produced the tea. Another legend has the robes being sent to the monk who produced the tea. In any event, the tea was named Da Hong Pao, which translates to "Big Red Robe."

Steeping Instructions: Pour 6 oz. heated water (195˚F) over 1 rounded teaspoon tea and steep 3-5 minutes. Remove tea and enjoy. Can be re-steeped.