Bao Zhong

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Taiwanese oolong tea
Bao Zhong oolong tea

Bao Zhong (also known as pouchong) is an exquisite Taiwanese tea with characteristics of both green and black tea - owing to the level of oxidation between the two types. This special reserve grade tea boasts large, uniform olive green leaves that have been sun-withered, pan-fired, and twice-dried. This year's harvest is phenomenal - the amber-green liquor has an intoxicating aroma of lilac and lily of the valley, and the flavor is bright, delicate, and lightly melon-sweet.

Steeping Instructions: Pour 6 oz. heated water (185-195˚F) over 1 heaping tablespoon tea leaves and steep 3-5 minutes. Remove leaves and enjoy. Re-steep as desired.